September 8, 2018

Daily Chronicle: A Little Bit Of This, A Little Bit Of That (Arena Rex/MeSBG)

I did not get much time this past week to assemble any models in my backlog, so I spent a little time this morning working a few models.

On my table I have some 'Warrior of the Dead' models from The Dead of Dunharrow army that I received in my starter set, and I have another box of 20 coming from Games Workshop any day.  In the background I did find a 'King of the Dead' model on eBay, and he arrived yesterday.  The 750 point list I put together may not come out exactly as planned.  I had ordered 8 'Riders of the Dead' from GW, and they are short on quantity, I do not know by how many, I am about to make that call shortly.

Also on my table is 'Nero' from Arena Rex.  I cannot wait to get him completed and give him a shot in my Ludus Magnus cohort.  I'll be painting 'Nero' separate from his rider 'Septimus', as I also have a foot mounted 'Septimus' that these two will be painted together.

Back to modeling....


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