September 14, 2018

MeSBG: The Dead of Dunharrow 'The King of the Dead'

It has been 8 years since I last painted a model for Lord of the Rings SBG (now Middle-earth SBG) by Games Workshop, and I honestly did not think I would be painting any more.  There are two reasons for that, first, I stopped enjoying playing the game, second, Games Workshop really marked up the prices for the models.  When I first started playing, you used to get a box of 24 plastic Warriors (2 sprues) for $25, they then decided to cut it down to 12 Warriors (1 sprue) for $36, that is a huge price hike.  With the new release of MeSBG on 9/1, Games Workshop went back to some reasonable prices.  Once again you get 24 plastic Warriors, but now for $40.  It is not as good as $25, but it is much better than 12/$36.

In the new starter box that I recently picked up, it came with 20 plastic 'Warriors of the Dead', I never had this army before and I thought it would be a fun army to try and it looks to be easy to paint.  I went ahead and ordered another box of 20 'Warriors of the Dead' and some 'Riders of the Dead' direct from Games Workshop to add to the 20 I already had (they just arrived yesterday afternoon).  Now I had to find the 'The King of the Dead' to lead this army, and luckily I found one on eBay and he arrived the other day.  So unlike most people and testing their color scheme on a plastic warrior model, I decided to go right to the top and get my 'The King of the Dead' painted first.  I really like the way he came out, and the paint time was quick.  Now I have 40 more Warriors to finish and 5 Riders.

 The King of the Dead

The King of the Dead

Painting Points: 1


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