May 18, 2017

Guild Ball: Brewer's Guild 'Tapper'

Well we are continuing right along with the Brewer's Guild models since it does not look like my Alchemist's 'Crucible' will be in till at least tomorrow.  So today we have 'Tapper', one of two Captains for the Brewers' Guild.

When I first started to get interested in Guild Ball at the end of January this year and saw that there was a Guild called Brewer's, I thought that would be a cool Guild for a beer & pretzel game.  Then while at the Las Vegas Open in February and talking with Steamforged Games about their playstyle and viewing the paint schemes for the models, that is when I elected for my Engineer's.  The Brewer's are a mixed Guild between Scoring and Taken Outs and I wanted to lean more toward the scoring.  Plus when I saw most of the Brewer's painted with a tartan design, I knew that was not my pint of beer.

When my son and I purchased the Kick-Off starter set, I received the Brewer's.  They have been sitting next to my painting station getting ignored, so now it was time to get some paint.  I knew I do not have the steady hand nor the patience to paint tartan, so I had to think of a paint scheme that I thought would still look alright (table top quality)(though I doubt they will actually see mmore playying time).  Plus I wanted to the colors to be close to the 'yellowish' shade being used for their logo and tokens.

As you can see from 'Tapper's' card below, he does not have many abilities that aid in scoring, but more for the scrum of the game.



Painting Points: 1


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