May 22, 2017

Guild Ball: Brewer's Guild 'Stave'

Finally we come down to final model of the Brewer's Guild from the Kick-Off starter set.  Today we have a big brute named 'Stave'.  'Stave' is a Centre Back for the team whose purpose is to clear enemies out of the way and/or knock them down.  'Stave' has a really good TAC with a 6, but do not expect him to get the ball much and attempt to pass with only a 1/6" KICK.

We also painted the ball-marker that came with the Brewer's Guild.  So at least for now I can my Brewer's Guild is completed.  I have some Union Guild models coming in that will be hitting the painting station (more than likely in June, except for Harry) and I will also be looking to fill in some models for the Alchemist's and Engineer's.




Painting Points: 3


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