May 12, 2017

Guild Ball: Fisherman's Guild 'Angel'

It was time now to get to the models that came inside the Fisherman's Starter Set, and we elected to start with 'Angel' (I am saving 'Shark' the Captain for this weekend).

As I mentioned in numerous posts already, I like Guild Ball for the scoring....besides their Captain 'Shark', 'Angel' is a Striker for the team with some pretty decent stats.  6"/8" MOV, 4/8" KICK and a 5+ DEF.  Her Character Play Nimble offers her a [+1] DEF and Super Shot allows her to add dice and range to her kicking stat [+1/2"] KICK.  Plus her Character Trait Tactical Advice allows her an extra influence if during the Maintenance Phase she is within 4" of 'Shark'.  I am really looking forward to having her on the Pitch and the same time as 'Shark'.

Painting 'Angel' I was unsure about when I started with her.  I knew I wanted her shirt to be very light blue in color and did not want to screw it up.  Turns out I am actually quite happy with the result (since I am not an expert painter nor dabbles with layering).

Since she was the first model from the starter set, I had also quickly painted up the ball that comes inside the box.  I elected it to match the other two I completed from Engineer's and Alchemist's.




Painting Points: 2


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