May 22, 2017

Guild Ball: Union Guild 'Harry The Hat'

Last week I got a pretty decent deal on a bunch of Union models and I am one to collect multiple armies/guilds, so why not.  Plus what is different with the Union Guild is that the players can play on their own Union team, or they can be outsourced to other Guilds.  Each Guild has a set of Union players that can play for them.

So to start off with the Union, we have 'Harry The Hat' who can play for the Alchemist's, the Butcher's, the Brewer's, and the Engineer's.  Seeing how have three of the four Guilds completed, I thought it was fitting he should be first.  'Harry' has a 2" Melee Zone which is why the Engineer's like to use him along with a 4 TAC that can be upgraded to 7 when he uses Crazy.  His other two Character Traits also seem to be very useful, Rising Anger and Inspiring Hat.

 Harry The Hat

 Harry The Hat

Painting Points: 1


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