May 2, 2017

Guild Ball: Alchemist's Guild 'Katalyst'

Since yesterday's model 'Naja' was so small and quick to paint, I actually was painting this model at the same time.  Here we have a "Bane" looking fellow in 'Katalyst'.  This model is what they call Original because they have also recently released a 'Veteran Katalyst' which the model itself looks more "pumped up".  From reading the cards of both of the models, I actually prefer the playstyle of the 'Original Katalyst'.

I can see both his Character Play and Character Straits coming in handy knocking models down and dealing out burning conditions.  First we have his Character Play  Seismic Kick with a cost of 1 Influence which allows him to make a Kick for free, but all models in the ball path become knocked-down.  Next we have hhis Character Trait Burning Strike that whenever he causes damage to enemy models, they suffer the burning condition.

One drawback of playing 'Katalyst' is that he himself starts the game out suffering the burning condition.  He does slighly gain a benefit while burning and the model also does start out with 27 points of damage to compensate for it.


Painting Points: 2


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