May 3, 2017

Guild Ball: Alchemist's Guild 'Midas'

Today for the Alchemist's Guild, I am presenting you with one of their Captains, 'Midas'.  'Midas' is considered to be one of their scoring type of players listed as a Striker for his position.

'Midas' has a pretty decent KICK stat listed as 3/8" but with one of his Character Plays Super Shot, he can increase that stat by [+1/2"] for the cost of 1 Influence.

'Midas' also has the Character Trai Unpredictable Movement which is always nice to have, allowing him to make a [2"] Dodge when an enemy models ends an Advance in bis melee zone.

I am really startiing to like how my paint scheme is coming out for this team, and so has my son.  Even though he still is currently back in Arizona, he is starting to stake a claim on my Alchemist's.


Painting Points: 1


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