May 19, 2017

Guild Ball: Brewer's Guild 'Friday'

How very fitting (like I planned it), today is Friday, and I am presnting for you from the Brewer's Guild, 'Friday'.  'Friday' is a Striker for the Brewer's Guild, if you have read any of my previous posts you will know I enjoy Guild Ball for the scoring, so this model will always be on the Pitch for me whenever I play with the Brewer's.  For the Brewer's, her KICK stat is very good, compared to other teams, I would say she is above average.  Shadow Like allows her a [2"] Dodge at the start of her activation increasing her possible MOV to 8"/10", and for 1 MP she can use her Heroic Play I Shoot Better after a Beer to increase her KICK stat by [+1/2"].



Painting Points: 1


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