May 4, 2017

Battle Report: Guild Ball 5/3/2017 Engineer's vs Fisherman's

Last night I headed back down to Fantasy Games in South Bend for a rematch against the Fisherman's Guild. Three weeks ago I played Kelson's Fisherman's Guild with my Engineer's and lost 12-4 and that was my very first 6v6 game and with terrain. Last nights game was only my second 6v6 and was hoping for a better outcome. I had built/painted my 'Compound' model specifically to have a Goalkeeper vs Fisherman so he was making his debut. Kelson also wanted to try out some different models from what he was normally playing and I also decided to give 'Pin Vice' a try in my Captain's slot.

Engineer's Guild:
Pin Vice, Mainspring, Colossus, Compound, Hoist, Velocity

Fisherman's Guild:
Corsair, Salt, Angel, Jac, Kraken, Siren

Turn 1:
I ended up winning the rolloff and elected to receive the ball. I decided for this game that I wanted to setup some players first rather than go right for the ball and Pass/Kick, so that is what I did. I was able to position most of my players for Turn 2 and tried my best to keep the Fisherman away from the ball. At the end of Turn 1, there was no score.

Start of Turn 2

Turn 2:
I lost the roll so Fisherman were starting first this Turn. Salt maanaged to get the ball away from Velocity, but was not able to do much more. I decided to try Pin Vice Character Play Controller and Alternator this Turn on Velocity. First Pin Vice did some attacks to build Momentum, once her Activation was over, Controller allowed Velocity to Activate right away. Velocity was able to Tackle the ball away from Salt, used Acrobatic to Dodge away and the Sprinted towards the goal with her extra movement from Alternator. Velocity now went for the Kick on goal and spent an extra Momentum for Bonus Time just to be sure, the Goal was scored and Engneers's were up 4-0.

The Kickoff landed the ball near Jac and Salt and Salt managed to weave his way down to my goal and around Compound for a score. 4-4.

Velocity First Goal

Turn 3:
Once again I lost the roll off. Corsair continued to do some beating on Velocity this Turn and managed to finally give her a Taken Out. 4-6

Colussus was able to get the ball in the direction of Hoist and he managed a shot a goal and scored. 8-6

Hoist Second Goal

After some dancing around and positioning I was able have Mainspring get the ball. He was just out of Pass range to Pin Vice so he targeted a spot close to her. The ball scattered in a nice position 3" in front of her and out any reach from the Fisherman. The Fisherman could not get to ball and it was now Pin Vice's Activation. Pin Vice Jogged 3" towards the ball and another 4" towards the goal to easily setup a Tap In. Once again spending the extra Momentum for Bonus Time just to be sure and Pin Vice gets the game winning goal. Engineer's win 12-6.

Pin Vice Game Winning Goal

This game was a tough chess match back and forth. It feels really good to get my first win playing 6v6. I know if he would have played Shark, it probably would have been a different outcome, but who knows, I actually think I played pretty good in this game.


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