May 16, 2017

Guild Ball: Fisherman's Guild 'Hag'

Today we have my final model for the Fisherman's Guild (at least for now...).....'Hag'.  With 'Hag' I went with a sligtly more dirtier than look the rest of the Guild, she is an old hag afterwards and wanted her to look her part.  'Hag' is a new model that was recently added to the Fisherman's in this Seasn 3.  Looking briefly at her card, it is nice that she can do a free Character Play each turn.  She can also start each activation with a free [2"] Dodge in Shadow Like and one of her plays Fisher's Reel target other friendly model for a [2"] Dodge.

So what will be working on next?  I am currently waiting on 'Crucible' to arrive for my Alchemist's Guild   'Crucible' is also a Season 3 released model and is really new to the game.  I am hoping she arrives in time to get her painted up before I leave for Arizona next week.  So while I wait for her to arrive.....maybe we'll throw in some Brewer's.




Painting Points: 1


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