May 7, 2017

Guild Ball: Alchemist's Guild 'Vitriol'

Today we have the final model for our Alchemist's Guild and I present you with 'Vitriol'.  'Vitriol' plays Striker for the Guild and is the main scoring threat they have alongside 'Midas'.  I may pick up 'Crucible' and/or 'Venin' for the Guild at a later time, but for now we have another Guild completed.  The current Season 3 meta has the Alchemist's Guild right at the top along with the Fisherman's, so this team is going to be really fun to play.  I got into Guild Ball for the scoring aspect of the game, so those are the Guilds I am collecting/painting first.  My son has taken a strong liking to this Guild so I think he will probably see more playing time with them than myself.

Now that they are completed, it is time for the paperwork.  I need to document all the colors that I used to paint them in my app and then clean up my painting station and prepare for the next Guild....The Fisherman.



Painting Points: 1


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