May 21, 2017

Guild Ball: Brewer's Guild 'Spigot'

We are now down to the 5th of 6 Brewer's models from the Kick-Off starter set.  Up today we have 'Spigot' a Defensive Midfielder for the Brewer's.  To be honest, I actually like some the Plays and Traits that 'Spigot' posses.

I think the Character Play Ball's Gone sounds interesting, the ability steal the ball-marker and place it in Spigot's possession, then he can immediately make a Pass without spending Influence.  This sounds exactly like what a player in his position should be able to do.

Then for his Character Traits, I am really liking both of them.  Football Legend allows friendly Guild models within 4" gain [+1/1"] KICK which helps out the scoring aspect for the team.  Then we have Floored that grants him an extra [+2] TAC on Attacks against knocked-down models.



Painting Points: 1


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