October 13, 2019

Daily Chronicle: Michigan GT Guild Ball Championship Recap

Yesterday in Lansing, MI was the 2019 Michigan GT Guild Ball Championships and I was the Host for the event.  Originally when inquiring about interest for the event there were over 25 people that had said they would attend, which would be a really nice turn out, unfortunately only 15 people attended (which I am still happy for), but having the Guild Ball US East Nationals announced shortly right after, and next weekend in Chicago, I think hurt attendance.

But I am grateful for those that attended and I Thank You.

The results for the event can be found here on Longshanks, but here is a brief recap of the winners.

Awards for the following:
Earning the Double is Zach Grogan, Guild Ball Champion and State Champion.

2nd Place: Cory Walker
3rd Place: Josh Rigelman
4th Place: Josh Chichester
5th Place: Jacob Nix
6th Place: Eric Bemus
7th Place: Thomas Rasor
8th Place: Tony Palazzolo
9th Place: Dale Gibboney
Wooden Spoon: Don Casteel

Best Painted Trophy: Cory Walker
“Golden Boot” Trophy (most goals): Cory Walker (11)
“Off The Pitch” Trophy (most taken outs): Josh Rigelman (22)


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