April 16, 2010

Daily Chronicle: 4/16/2010: New Look/IG/Tyranids Progress

This morning I decided I wanted a new look for 'The Old West Chronicle', dont get me wrong, I really liked my previous template, but I wanted a change for now.  I may go back to the other template in a few months.  I really enjoy the 'clean' look of this new template and I feel it's easier to read.

Last night I gave my Imperial Guard a "dry run" game at a 1000 point level.  Basically I played my 1000 point list that I had used in the AdeptiCon Team Tournament.  I just about "tabled" my opponent in 'Annihilation' leaving just his IC.  Tonight I'll go out and give the full 1750 points their first run.  Hopefully we'll roll up one of the objective scenarios to see how they handle those missions.

My Tyranids are also making some progress.  I have both units of Termagants (2x10) assembled and sand on their bases, and just finished assembling my units of Hormagaunts (2x14).   Tonight I plan on picking up my basecoat for the Tyranids so hopefully by the end of the weekend I may have some test models to post.

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  1. Hrm... Even though I read most sites via a feed and wouldn't see it too often, the new layout does seem easier on the eyes.