January 8, 2016

Daily Chronicle: 'Barnabas and Steamroller Objectives'

I do not have any painted models per se to post today, so I thought I would do one of my 'Daily Chronicles', it has been awhile since my last one.
I am Orthodox Christian and yesterday was our Christmas. So last night we gathered at my Mom's house and we opened presents. My oldest son had bought me a present, it was a box the size of a Warjack. I said to myself "I think I know what he got me, probably a Khador Decimator, seeing how we were just talking about him the other day". I unwrapped the paper and there was a Samsung Galaxy phone box, seeing how we are an iPhone family and I buy the phones (box was my mom's) I was a little shocked. I opened the Samsung box and inside was a 'Bloody Barnabas' Gatormen Warlock blister. I was really surprised and happy. Once I finish my last 2 Units of Gatormen Posse, I will probably then start to work on Barnabas. This will now give me Rask and Barnabas as my Gatormen Warlocks to alternate between the two.
Bloody Barnabas
Now the Las Vegas Open for Warmachine is fast approcahing (first weekend in February), as my army is basically ready to go (1 list), I thought it was finally time to start on our Steamroller Objectives. We have yet too need any in any of our practice games, but I thought it was a good idea to get them done just in case we need them in Las Vegas.
I dug through some of my old Warhammer 40K blitz boxes and grabbed some items and slapped them on 50mm bases.
I will be using 'Bunker' for my Khador Army, and my son will be using 'Fuel Cache' for his Cygnar Army.
Left: Bunker, Right: Fuel Cache
Painting Points: 2


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