January 20, 2016

Hordes: Minions Bloody Barnabas (Warlock)

Now it is official, my Minions Blindwater Congregation are finished. The 'Bloody Baranbas' Warlock my son purchased for me for Orthodox Christmas was completed Monday night (was to busy with work yesterday to post any pictures).
It feels real good to be able to complete 50 points of a Hordes army in one month, and the ability to play 2 different Warlocks.
I also quite proud on how Bloody Barnabas turned out. It may not be my best painted model, but it is really close.
Bloody Barnabas
Bloody Barnabas
I need to start assembling some more models so I can add to my queue. I still have some more Trollbloods that can be painted, but I'll probably shift my focus back to Khador for awhile.
Painting Points: 1


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