January 14, 2016

Daily Chronicle: 'Something Evil Is Brewing In The Old West'

Finally after years of contemplating starting a Cryx army for Warmachine, last week I purchased my first Warcaster for Cryx, Skarre Queen of the Broken Coast. Then the other night while playing at my local LGS I picked up a box of Bonejacks, the Nightwretchs.
Something about Cryx has always interested me, maybe just because I think of them as an evil army, and it's nice to use instead of always playing Khador vs Cygnar against my son. We can both alternate playing this army to change things up.
The Cryx: "When Dragonfather Toruk went on a rampage against his brothers and the new land of Immormen, many saw him as a true source of power, so they pledged their alleigance to him. Then Toruk killed his new followers. Then he rebuilt them from black iron or used his draconic powers to raise them up. His first followers were called, Liches. So they killed, burned, maimed (they did have a drgon lord by their side, and they were skilled combatants) many towns, and rose them up again. The best liches were made Lich Lords. And so in the name of Toruk, they aim to crush all of Immormen."

I held off on assembling/painting Skarre 2 when I purchased her last week because I wanted to test my colors/painting style on a Warjack, hence the purchase of the Nightwretch's, these guys should give me a good example on if I like my color scheme.
Nightwretch's assembled.
The part of Warmachine that I really enjoy is playing with the Warjacks. So I found a Cryx list that looks to be fun for me to play. It may not be the top level tournament army for Cryx, but I think I will enjoy it. What not to enjoy, it has a Colossal.
This is the 50 point list I am going to build my Cryx army based on.
Skarre 2 -6
Nightwretch +4
Kraken +19
Deathjack +12
Satyxis Blood Witches (max) +6
Satyxis Blood Hag +2
Necrosurgeon & Stitch Thralls +2
Necrotech +1
Necrotech +1
Pistol Wraith +3
Pistol Wraith +3
Gerlak Slaughterborn +3
On the Minions front, I was able to complete my last 2 Units of Gatormen Posse this week, and hopefully will be posting those pictures before the week is over. That will complete my original 50 points for them. As I mentioned my son bought me Bloody Barnabas for Christmas, so he will also be added to the army.
That's all for this 'Daily Chronicle'


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