January 1, 2016

Happy New Year! What's in store for 2016

Happy New Year 2016! Everyone.
2015 started off really good for me in hobbying/gaming, had a dry spell half way through, and then really picked back up late in the year with my resurgence into Warmachine/Hordes.
The other day I wrote my 2015 Year in Review and I was quite amazed with the games I did and did not play. The 2 games that I thought would see little time, saw the most, and the 2 that I thought would see a lot, saw very little.
So today we work on our goals/objectives for 2016.
First off I would like to say, that I am going to try and be very reasonable with this list. Cycling in 2016 is still going to take away a lot time for me to get in gaming/hobbying. I am on a local race team for the year and I will have a lot of weekends where I will have to attend an event. So we try and squeeze in our gaming/hobbying in between.
Second, years ago a friend wrote a blog post asking what kind of gamer are you in order. Gamer, Modeler or Collector. I have always thought of myself as a Collector/Modeler/Gamer. I enjoy the collecting of the different armies, followed by the painting of them and finally getting to actually pay games with them. I still see myself as this way.
Let's start:
Bolt Action
As I mentioned the other day and last year. Between my son and I we have 3 fully painted armies. Getting in at least 1 game in 2016 would be 1 more than 2015.
Painting Goal: None at the moment.
Gaming Goal: Play at least 1 game.
Dungeons & Dragons (Rolepaying)
Roleplaying games take a lot of commitment on a weekly basis. I honestly do not see myself getting involved with another group unless it is planned to be a short session.
Warhammer 40K
No plans at all for completing any more armies, the prices from GW are too ridiculous for me.
Painting Goal: None at the moment.
Gaming Goal: I can see myself possibly getting in a few games.
Now this is the one that I see will take up most of my time in 2016. If the year continues as it ended in 2015, it should be a good year. The big question is hopefully my son will not get burnt out on Warmachine/Hordes. As long as he stays interested, I see myself staying interested. As I mentioned the other day, I love the sculpts from Privateer Press. So even if the gaming is down for the year, the plan will still to be to collect and paint.
Painting Goal: Tough to say. I use a Painting Points system each year to track my painting progress. Not sure if I will put a number for a goal, but maybe a collection of armies. I am in the middle of painting my Gatorman Army, after the Gatorman are completed to at least 50 points, I will probably move onto my Trollbloods or continue on my Khador. My Khador Army for Warmachine is "my" army. That is the army that will be played most and I would like to try and collect all the models for Khador. So that will be my goal, to at least own every Khador model. Getting them painted will be a different story. Any 'new' armies for Warmachine/Hordes, unsure at the moment.
Gaming Goal: I would love to say 52 games (average 1/week, which may be doable) but let's be realistic. Let's shoot for half that. 26 Warmachine/Hordes games played for 2016.
I really want to get back involved with this game, realistically if I concentrate as much time as I have planned for WM/H, it may be unlikely, especially since we are ow behind on quite a few of the Wave releases. Plus the game has always been a 'meta' game with the latest releases.
Painting Goal: Not applicable.
Gaming Goal: I am going to shoot for at least 5 games played of X-Wing.
This is a new topic for 2016. I always enjoy attending conventions, more for the comraderie with other players than 'winning' a tournament. When I lived in Chicago, it was always AdeptiCon each year. Living in Arizona, attending AdeptiCon gets a little costly. We already have 2 events planned for 2016. Las Vegas Open in February, PP Lock & Load in June, and I am going to look for one possibly in the Fall (maybe Warmachine Weekend).
So to keep it simple, it looks like 2016 will mostly be Warmachine/Hordes and attending some Events/Conventions.
Time for some modeling!!!


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