January 25, 2016

Daily Chronicle: 'Weekend Roundup 1/22-24/2016'

Since I did not finish any models this past weekend, I thought I would start up a 'Weekend Roundup' post for anything that was happening gaming related over the weekend.
On Friday night 1/22/2016 my son and I finally play tested our full 50 point lists for the Las Vegas Open. I made some slight changes to what I was originally going to play. Speed of play has been slowing me down in my games, and I thought I would probably need to take a few less models to help remedy that situation. I am going to Las Vegas for 'fun', if I win a game then great, if not, oh well, at least I got to play some Warmachine. We played the scenario 'Outflank' for the first time and we decided not to use a clock for this game since it was our first time with the full 50 points.
Conquest really does tower over everyone else.
Turns out we both played pretty slow learning our models. I had a time limit (3 hours) to play the game so we can both get home to bed (cycling race for me the next day, work for my son). In the very very end I did have 1 CP, but I am calling this game a 'Draw' since time would have expired long ago for one of us.
Saturday had no gaming or modeling for me. With driving to Picacho, AZ for a Time Trail cycling race and later in the evening taking all 3 of my boys to see the Arizona Coyotes vs Las Angeles Kings NHL game, the day was busy.
After a nice Sunday leisure coffee bike ride, I started on another model for my son. I asked him on Friday night if he wanted me to paint up his Colossal so he can bring it with the La Vegas for some 'fun' gaming with it. He said sure, so I started the prep work and laid down the first color.
Stormwall WIP
Stormwall WIP
During the week I had also started the base color for my Khador Ruin Warjack. He will have to be moved to the back burner while I work on Stormwall for my son.
Ruin WIP
Since I will be busy during the week working on Stormwall and maybe a little on Ruin (when I get tired of 'blue') more than likely there will not be too many posts here. But stay tuned on Twitter @TOWC_Gaming for some WIP photos of these two.


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