January 13, 2016

Battle Report: WM 1/12/2015 Khador vs Cygnar (25 Points)

Last night my son went out to play a quick 25 Point game (what was suppose to be quick) to try and get familiar with some Units we have never played before. Playing with new Units ended up taking a bit longer than expected, glad we choose to test with 25 Points instead of the full 50.

He added the 'Black 13th Gun Mage Strike Team' to his Cygnar list, and I was playing the 'Great Bears of Gallowswood' and 'Cylena Raefyll & Nyss Hunters' for the first time for my Khador Army.
From the SR2015 Packet, we rolled the scenario "Two Fronts" which we have not yet played before, so it was going to be a good learning experience.

25 Points "Two Fronts"
First time playing with our F.A.T. Mat and Broken Egg Games terrain.
Fully painted Cygnar.
Fully painted Khador.
Free Strike got the better of Stryker.
What I found out playing this scenario is that getting Control Points is pretty difficult. Each of the Objective Markers contest the Zone, so you need to destroy the Objective Marker before receiving and Control Points.

I had a chance to destroy the enemy Objective Marker, but elected to clear out his Warjack Ol'Rowdy first with Juggernaut. By doing so, it had left a little room for Stryker to try and get the charge on Butcher. Stryker cast his Spell that allowed him some movement around the water, then he Charged towards Butcher. By doing so, he went through the Melee Range of Juggernaut and I was awarded a Free Strike. Juggernaut managed to hit Stryker with the +2 bonus and I rolled an 11 for damage (P+S 19 +3 from Fury vs ARM 20) doing 13 points of damage (we forgot that Free Strikes that hit get Boosted Damage rolls). Stryker already had 4 points of damage on him from the Nyss, so the 13 points from Juggernaut brought down Stryker. It was pure luck for Khador.

We decided to play out Stryker's attacks on Butcher just to see what would happen. The dice were not with Cygnar as he missed all his attacks. Butcher would have then popped his Feat and made minced meat out of Stryker.


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