January 17, 2016

WM: Cryx Nightwretch (Warjack)

We now enter into the world of Cryx. I wanted to use these smaller Warjacks as a test bed to see if I like the color scheme before painting any larger Warjacks. In all honesty I like the way came out and they paint up pretty fast. I was able to get these 2 Warjacks started and completed this past Friday night (with a Century bike ride yesterday, I was not able to post till today).
I only need 1 Nightwretch for my 50 point list, but since 2 come in the box I decided to paint both, plus you never know when I may the second one for a Mangled Metal game.
The only other Cryx model I currently own is Skarre, Queen of the Broken Coast. I still need to put together an order for the rest of the models. That may have to wait till after we get back from Las Vegas, but we will see.
Painting Points: 4


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