January 11, 2016

WM: Khador Black Ivan (Warjack)

While I was assembling my last 2 Units of Gatormen Posse for my Minions Army (waiting for glue and sand to dry before priming), I decided to throw on some color on one of my Khador Warjacks, 'Black Ivan'.
I picked up Black Ivan a little over 4 years ago, assembled him, primed him, and then he just sat in the foam tray. Since he was all primed and ready to go, it was time to get him painted.
"Black Ivan is the prized companion of Kommander Harkevich, a warcaster renowned for his ingenuity on the battlefield. Armed with a bombard and an industrial wrecking claw, Black Ivan is an unparalleled instrument of war that excels at both long-range bombardment and the brutal press of melee."
Once I get some time to play a 'fun' game, I'll be trying him out with my Kommander Harkevich.
Black Ivan
Black Ivan
Black Ivan
Painting Points: 5


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