January 3, 2016

Battle Report: Hordes 1/2/2016 Circle Orboros vs Minions (15 Points)

Last night my son and I played our first Warmachine/Hordes game for 2016. So I guess that's a pretty good start to getting in 26 games for the year. Seeing how I was able to finish my Battlegroup for my Gatorman Army, we elected to give them a try and play some Hordes.
Seeing how we were just playing 'Tooth & Claw', the scenario we played was from the Primal Rulebook 'Claw & Fang'.
My son who was playing Circle Orboros was Player 1, and I elected to be Player 2.
15 Points "Claw & Fang"
Player 1: Dragi
Faction: Circle Orboros
Kromac, Champion of the Wurm
- Ghetorix
- Argus
- Gorax
Player 2: Dean
Faction: Minions (Blindwater Congregation)
- Blackhide Wrastler
- Bull Snapper
- Ironback Spitter
Seeing how I have not played a game of Hordes in such a loooooooong time, this game was more of just a learning experience and getting familiar with the mechanics of the game. The scenario calls for Assination or destroy or your opponent's Warbeasts.
Before we started play, I did a quick glance again of the card for Rask, I saw an Assination plan that I was going to shoot for (pun intended).
For the first few turns both of our Warbeasts were approaching each other. I was using some spells that was slowing his movement which helped. Bull Snapper went after Argus and finished him off in 2 turns. Ironback Spitter took a shot at Ghetorix and did some damage, but a few turns later Ghetorix might axe brought down my Ironback Spitter.
I then saw an opening on Kromac. I moved Rask a few inches closer towards Kromac and shot him with 'Paralysis' with a hit. That brought down the Defense on Kromac to 7. I then cast 'Boundless Charge' on Blackhide Wrastler and charge him towards Kromac. That was it.... Kromac went down for the count.
15 points of Minions fully painted.
Kromac goes down.


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