January 15, 2016

Hordes: Minions Gatormen Posse 2 & 3 (Unit)

The last 2 Units for my Gatormen Army are now completed, 2 more Units of Gatormen Posse. To speed things along with these guys, I elected to paint both Units at the same time. With all the same colors, it was a no brainer.
The Leader of each Posse, I did change the color of the feathers on the model, this way I can easily distinguish between my 3 Units.
Technically all 50 points of my Army are now completed, as mentioned previously, I still have Bloody Baranbas to assemble/paint for this army. Having the 2 different Warlocks will be a nice change in game play. In all honestly, I will probably not being expanding these guys much (unless I see really cool model that I want to collect and paint). I enjoy the collection of armies most, so time to move onto my Trollbloods and Cryx next (with a little more Khador models to throw in, Khador being "my" army). I do prefer the gameplay of Warmachine over Hordes, so I have a feeling the Cryx will be getting done before the Trollbloods.
Gatormen Posse 2
Gatormen Posse 2
Gatormen Posse 3
Gatormen Posse 3
50 Points of Gatormen (Broken Egg Games Display Board)
50 Points (flash on)
50 Points (flash off)
Painting Points: 10


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