January 3, 2011

WM: Khador Winter Guard Infantry (Unit)

Between recuperating from New Year's Eve and getting ready for my first Warmachine tournament yesterday, I was able to start the New Year with some new painted models for my Khador army.

I picked up the "Winter Guard Infantry" last week and on New Year's Day they hit the painting table.  My goal is to use this unit in one of my 35 point lists in a tournament in February.  I still would like to add 2 "Winter Guard Rocketeers" to the unit so they can provide some AOE cover fire while the rest of the infantry marches on.  This unit will also be used in my 50 point list for April's tournament, so now I'm much closer to one of my resolutions for 2011.

For some reason these guys took me a lot longer to paint than I expected and I am happy with the finished result.  Next thing I realized it was already 10:00 PM on Saturday night (I did have quite a few breaks through out the day though).

Winter Guard Infantry Grunts

Winter Guard Infantry Grunts

Winter Guard Infantry & Grunts

Painting Points: 6


  1. did you dip them or did you stopped doing that?somewhere on here I read that you tried it out and now I`m wodering if you still do it. lokking great btw!;)

  2. No, I have not 'dipped' any of my Warmachine/Hordes models. I mainly use the GW Washes on these models.

    For Warhammer Fantasy I dip my Dark Elves army, and my entire Warhammer 40K Tyranids and Imperial Guard armies were dipped.