January 21, 2011

WM: Cygnar Trencher Cannon Crew (Unit)

This was a slow week for me in regards to posting and painting models.  I did manage to get a few things done last weekend (Reinholdt and Crusader) and I finally put my son's "Trencher Cannon Crew" on the painting table the other night.  With work and personal life finding ways to slow down my painting, I was able to actually complete this Unit yesterday.

He received this Unit on Eastern Orthodox Christmas (1/7/2011) and I quickly assembled the models and primed them all.  Then they just sat in the garage waiting for some attention.  I was kind of tired of painting "Trenchers" and "Long Gunners" so I was looking for something else to paint.

Anyways, they are now complete.  I believe with this Unit done, my son now has some options for playable 50 point Cygnar lists, and this Unit makes a great addition to his themed 35 point "Siege" list.

Trencher Cannon 
Trencher Cannon 
Trencher Cannon Crew

Painting Points: 4


  1. First visit here! You have a great blog and some excellent paint jobs... I´ll be back :)

  2. Thank you for posting a picture of the 'back' of the cannon. I was having trouble figuring how the 'legs' attached and this is the only picture I can find that shows the legs.