January 30, 2011

WM: Protectorate Revenger (Warjack)

It was another slow week for painting, but I was able to manage to get a model done yesterday to add to the Protectorate of Menoth army that my son has.  I decided to work on his "Revenger" Light Warjack that he has.  I also decided to try a slightly different painting style with this Warjack.

If you recall in my post on painting the "Crusader" Heavy Warjack in which I used a 'White Primer' for that Warjack, I had talked about using a 'Black Primer' for the next Warjack that I paint for Menoth.

Well with the "Revenger", I went with the 'Black Primer'.  It was much faster to paint up like I had thought, but now I feel that 'red's' may look a bit too dark.  I washed the 'red's' with GW "Badab Black" like I had done previously, with the 'White Primer', but with the black background, thet may be to dark.  If I use the 'Black Primer' again, I may stick to just using the "Gryphonne Sephia" wash on the 'red's' and save the "Badab Black" for the metals.  We learn from our mistakes.

I am still stuck in a dilemma.  I really do not know if I should use the 'White or Black' primers on the next models.  I have some Solo's and another Warcaster to try.  Most likely I'll stick with the 'Black'.  Like I stated above, tends to paint a bit faster.

You all be the judge.  Here is the "Revenger" using 'Black Primer':

Painting Points: 2

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