January 9, 2011

WM: Cygnar Long Gunners Officer & Standard (UA)

Back to work on a few models for my son's Cygnar army.  This is one of the two armies that my goal is to have a 50 point painted playable list (having 50 points in Warjacks to me is not considered playable so I have to paint the Units too).  Since he already had these models it was time to get them painted.  The "Long Gunners Officer & Standard" will make a nice 2 point add-on when needed.  I believe all I really have left for the Cygnar to paint will be his "Trencher Cannon Crew" and he'll be able to choose some nice lists to play with.  Anything else that we purchase for Cygnar will be just to collect the models and expand his choices.

Nothing special was really done on these two guys, just a quick paint job.  I really could not get into the 'groove' with these two and it was just more of 'get em done'.

Long Gunners Officer & Standard

Long Gunners Officer & Standard

Painting Points: 2

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  1. You know, I had the exact same problem with mine. But your cygnar continue to be absolutely top notch. Even your quick paint jobs are amazingly good.