January 5, 2011

Hordes: Skorne Archodomina Makeda (Warlock)

As I mentioned in my first post of the year 'New Year List 2011', #9 on my list was to showcase my Hordes Skorne army that I have had for awhile and recently gave to my son to be his army.

9. 35 Points Of Fully Painted Hordes 'Skorne'
For Hordes, this one should be easy enough to accomplish.  I had already owned 30 points of 'Skorne' models with at least 25 points already painted.  I decided to hand off this army to my son as his Hordes army and last night he already purchased "Molik Karn" so he now has just over 40 points.  I have yet to add any of the 'Skorne' models to this blog, but over the course of the next couple of weeks I'll be adding them to the site.
While looking over these models to get some pictures taken, I noticed that they could use some 'touching up' and have their bases redone.  So that is what I am currently working on in between the other projects that I have going on.

First up in the 'Skorne Showcase' is "Archodomina Makeda", she will be the Warlock that my son will probably play most of his games with.
Archodomina Makeda

Archodomina Makeda

Archodomina Makeda
Painting Points: .25


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