January 31, 2011

Battle Report: WM Cygnar vs. Protectorate (25 Point League Game)

We are allowed to play 2 League Games per week and as of yesterday I had only had 1 game in for the week.  Since I was home watching the kids while I let the wife have a "day out" alone, my son and I decided to 'throw down' in the garage.  My son already had his 2 games in for the week, so he was playing as a 'neutral' opponent against me.

Since most of his League games he usually plays his Cygnar army and since we were playing in the garage, he decided to give his Protectorate army a turn (he added a lot more new models this past Saturday and can now field a playable 25 point force).  I then decided to play his Cygnar army (just a little change from my Khador).

Encounter Level: Skirmish 25 Points
Scenario: Mosh Pit
Armies: Cygnar vs. Protectorate of Menoth

Major Markus 'Siege' Brisbane (*5pts)
* Hunter 
* Defender 
* Squire 
Trencher Cannon 
Trencher Infantry (Leader and 5 Grunts) 
Captain Maxwell Finn 
Reinholdt, Gobber Speculator 
Trencher Master Gunner 
(27 Points; Territory that grants +1 WJ Point / Territory that grants +1 Point)

Protectorate of Menoth:
High Exemplar Kreoss (*5pts)
* Revenger 
* Crusader 
* Vanquisher 
Choir of Menoth (Leader and 3 Grunts) 
High Paladin Dartan Vilmon 
Paladin of the Order of the Wall 
The Covenant of Menoth 
The Wrack (3 wracks) 

Turn 1:
Menoth: Menoth advances forward and the Choir casts 'Passage' Hymn on the Warjacks to protect them from Ranged Attacks.

Cygnar: Hunter and Defender advance up the left flank.  Cannon advances forward.  Trencher infantry advance towards the 'Mosh Pit' launch a few Smoke Bombs and the rest Dig In.  The rest of Cygnar advance forward and Siege casts 'Fox Hole' on the Trencher's to gain some cover.

Turn 2:
Menoth: Continue advancing forward and using 'Passage' on the Warjacks and 'Defenders Ward' on Kreoss.

Cygnar: Thinking that I may have the range, I decided to take the chance and go for the 'kill shot' this turn.  I keep all my Focus on Siege.  Siege advances forward and casts 'Fox Hole' again, but this time centering the AOE on a Choir model which places the Menoth Warjacks and Choir Unit completely within the AOE which now allows LOS to Kreoss.  I measure my Control Area once more and I am just short of 14" to reach Kreoss for the shot.  I then had to use his Special Attack 'Ground Pounder' since it is a 4" AOE.  Siege 'boost's' the RAT and misses Kreoss.  The Trencher Cannon targets the High Paladin next to Kreoss with the 3" AOE and scores a Direct Hit.  The High Paladin takes some damage, Kreoss just gets a scratch.  My plan for Turn 2 'kill shot' just falls short and I left Siege in a bad position right behind some Trencher models.

Turn 3:
Menoth:  I should have kept my mouth shut this turn, but since it was my son, I gave him some pointers. While he was distributing his Focus to his Warjacks I noticed he was placing more than needed on the Revenger and Crusader.  Both of these Warjacks had the chance to 'Slam' the Trenchers into Siege but my son did not see this.  I decided to point this out to him.  He then re-allocated his Focus and proceeded with the 'Slams.  First was the Revenger.  The Revenger managed to kill the Trencher model, but failed to slam him far enough into Siege.  Up next was the Crusader, the Crusader slammed the Trencher into Siege killing the Trencher model and causing a few damage points on Siege.  Now that Siege was 'Knocked Down' the Vanquisher advanced forward to get a direct shot at Siege.  The Vanquisher hits Siege with his 'Flame Belcher' boosting the damage roll and places Siege on 'Fire'.  I then help my son out and recommend using Kreoss to cast 'Cleansing Fire' using the Revenger as a 'Arc Node' on Siege. With a DEF 5 on Siege, Kreoss hits and boosts the damage.  Siege is left with 1 point of damage.

Cygnar:  Siege fails to shake off 'Fire' and burns to his death......  Game Over.....

I'll be looking for a rematch possibly tonight.  I deployed Cygar wrong and I think I have a better tactic t use next time.  We did play out the rest of Turn 3 (in case Siege would have gotten rid of 'Fire').  He would have scored 36 damage points on Kreoss that turn, with now being in Range and using his 'Feat'.

Stay tuned for the rematch.....

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  1. What an excellent battle report. I have had the problem of overextending Siege a few times as well. He is just such an aggressive caster its really hard not to! But its a good dad who shows his son how to beat him. On a league match no less!