January 6, 2011

WM/H: Privateer Press Releases Steamroller 2011 Rules

For those of you interested, Privateer Press released the rules packet for the upcoming Warmachine/Hordes tournament year.  You can find the Steamroller 2011 rules packet on the Privateer Press website by clicking HERE. 


  1. Just got done reading over this. The new scenarios look like fun and rules pack is brilliantly formatted.

  2. After playing an a SR11 event, I can say that if I want to play Grind, I'll go play grind. We had games one with 0 shots fired at the opposing armies on both sides.

    No WM/H scenario should revolve around attacking scenery instead of your opponent.

  3. The one thing that is still lacking for me is that Steamroller feels like 'Ard Boyz' to me. Maybe I just need to participate on more tournemys and give it a fair shot. Just coming from GW tournaments the last decade, it was nice having the 'paint' and 'sports' scores involved on the 'overall' scores. This way if you lose a game you still have a shot at 'overall' but not 'best general'.

    Hopefully we'll have a few of these SR2011 events here and I can give it a fair assessment.

  4. I like that steam rollers are a standard format, no matter where you attend. Meaning there are never any surprises with judging. With GW tournaments, it feels more and more like a total crap-shoot. Every tournament is judged differently, and you can't always count on an opponent to be mature when assigning soft scores. Going from one tournament to the next, and every one of them being different has become more and more frustrating over time


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