January 10, 2011

WM: Khador Winter Guard Rocketeer (2) (UA)

'Second Rocketeer, same as first Rocketeer'.  My local gaming store finally received their shipment of Privateer Press models.  I was able to pick up the last two models I need for my Khador army so I can have a very flexible 35 point list, and enough to do a 50 point list that I like.

While the "Winter Guard" were still fresh in my mind from painting them last week, I decided to start on the "Winter Guard Rocketeer".  This one is the second "Rocketeer" for my army.  My plan is to run a min unit of "Winter Guard Infantry", 2 "Winter Guard Rocketeer's" and "Kovnik Grigorovich".  The 2 "Rocketeer's" will be provide AOE support while the "Infantry" get into range for their blunderbuss's.

Winter Guard Rocketeer 2

Winter Guard Rocketeer 2

Painting Points: 1


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