January 12, 2011

Daily Chronicle: 1/12/2011 'Most Wanted List 2011' Update

Just wanted to do a quick update on my 'Most Wanted List 2011' since I was able to knock out two of the items already this month.

1. 50 'Followers' for this blog.
I am already at 48.  So I really hope this one can be accomplished.  I have switched back and forth between Wordpress and Blogger in 2010 so I know I lost some 'feed links' on some of the sites out there.

Since I was at 48 users when the year started this one was easy to accomplish.  Currently I am at 52 Followers.  I'd like to thank all of you for following this blog and hopefully I don't bore you too much.  This blog actually keeps me motivated on getting my models painted and I enjoy posting the finished results.

3. 50 Points Of Fully Painted Warmachine 'Khador'
This one is my highest priority for 2011.  I have a few options for 35 point fully painted lists for 'Khador' at the moment, but with a 50 point fully painted tournament coming up in April, this will be my main objective.  Then we have 'Wrath' coming in June with Privateer Press releasing some real 'warmachines' with larger point models.  I believe this goal can be accomplished.

I am happy to say that with my finished Khador "War Dog" I can now field a fully painted 50 point list (with a few options to change some Warjacks around).  My goal was to have this completed by April for the tournament, looks like I am way ahead.  I still plan on adding models to this army.  Khador is "my" army for Warmachine, so this army will always grow.  I am at the point with them that any new model purchased will be because I like the model and want to paint it up.  I no longer feel rushed that "I have to" get this model painted.

I am also really close to the same accomplishment for my son's Cygar army.  Hopefully sometime next week I'll be able to cross that one off the list to.

Now it leaves me more time to work on 'all' the other armies I have planned.  I can see 'Protectorate' White' in the near future.


  1. Congats! Man, 12 days in and already finished 2. Talk about one heck of a start to the new year.

  2. TY... working on the easy one's first. The Trollbloods will probably take me all year.