January 17, 2011

WM: Protectorate Crusader (Warjack)

I finally was able to continue on my son's Protectorate of Menoth army that he received for Christmas with the "Crusader" Warjack.  Between running around this weekend doing personal errands and bumping up the "Reinholdt Gobber" model, the "Crusader" finally was finished last night.  Shortly after Christmas I painted up his "High Exemplar Kreoss" miniature just to get a feel on how I was going to paint up the 'white' on the Protectorate models.  I was very happy with how "Kreoss" turned out, but I am not sure about the "Crusader".

Just like with "Kreoss", I used 'white primer' on the "Crusader".  After the primer dried, I went over the entire model with 'Menoth White Base'.  Now here is where I am really undecided with the next Warjacks I have to paint.  If I am going over the entire model with the 'Menoth White Base', I might as well primer the model with my usual 'black primer' and leave the steel areas black.  I know 'white primer' brightens the colors a bit, but with the 'base' I do not think there will be much of a difference.  The benefit of the 'black primer' I feel will make the steel areas look better.

I am thinking that for the smaller miniatures (Warcaster's and Solo's) I'll probably stick to the 'white primer', but on these Warjacks, I may go back to black.  I'll probably use 'black primer' on the next one and see how he comes out.


Painting Points: 5

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