January 24, 2011

WM: Cygnar Firefly (Warjack)

The "Firefly" Light Warjack is the last model my son received for Christmas that I needed to complete for his Cygnar army.  This is also the first 'plastic' model that I built and painted from Privateer Press and I am really quite impressed by their 'plastics'.

I had originally assumed that the plastic Warjack kit would be more like the Games Workshop plastics (hollow center where you glue the outsides together), after opening the package, the 'body' of the Warjack was one piece and looked to be more solid than GW.  The assembly of the model also went together pretty easily, and the plastic also took to my Wal-Mart "flat black" spray really well.

All in all, so far I am happy with the Privateer plastics.

I worked on the "Firefly" 'off and on' through-out the weekend (between gaming and football) and I was able to wrap him up last night.

Painting Points: 2


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