January 2, 2011

Daily Chronicle: 1/2/2011 'Affordable Display Base'

In a few hours my son and I will be playing in our first ever Warmachine "Steamroller" tournament.  It is just a small 15 point tournament with force restrictions. 1 Warcaster / 1+ Warjacks / 1 Solo / 1 Unit / 0-1 UA.

I have played in plenty of Warhammer Fantasy and Warhammer 40K tournaments in the last decade that I always had some type of 'display base' for my army.  Sometimes they were elaborate display bases to just a painted and flocked cork board.  For me personally the display base is used to carry your army to assigned tables between each round, if they look pretty, then thats a plus.

So back to today's tournament today.  I wanted something small just to carry the army.  Since painted armies were not a requirement nor will they be scored, the look of the display base is not important.  The other day I ran to the "big blue box" store to pick up a few items.

First, I started with a 8.5"x11" plastic photo frame ($2.50).  The size of the frame is just right for 15 points and I can just about also fit 35 points on it (I do play Khador with expensive jacks).

Second, I placed some self adhesive felt ($.67) on the glass and trimmed the edges of the felt.  I also placed some velcro squares to hold a name placard.  The velcro was really optional on the felt, I just wanted the placard to be more secure.

Third, the name placard is just a 2"x3" plastic photo frame ($.50) also with velcro on the bottom, and an army insert.

Fourth, the finished product.

I also made on for my son's army, but of course in Cygnar 'blue'.

Soon we'll be off to the event.  Hopefully I'll remember my camera so I can write up some battle reports when we get back.


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