January 1, 2011

Daily Chronicle: 1/1/2011 Happy New Year List 2011

Happy New Year to all!

It is now the time for all of us to blog about our gaming resolutions for 2011.  I was pretty happy with what I accomplished in 2010 in regards to playing games and getting armies fully painted for 'Painting Points'.  Now lets see what we can come up with for 2011.

I am going to try and keep it simple and short.  If I accomplish more in 2011 that will just be an added benefit.

'Most Wanted List 2011'
(the blogs titled "The Old West Chronicle", I needed a 'catchy' list title...lol...)

The 'Most Wanted List' is in no particular order, it is just a checklist of my goals for 2011.

1. 50 'Followers' for this blog. (COMPLETED)
I am already at 48.  So I really hope this one can be accomplished.  I have switched back and forth between Wordpress and Blogger in 2010 so I know I lost some 'feed links' on some of the sites out there.

2. 200 Posts In 2011.
This was a self goal in 2010 and I just fell short with 196.  I do not like to write just to pad my post counts, but usually just to showcase a model I just finished.  Since most likely I will probably have less to paint in 2011, I will then have to make a conscious effort and document my 'Battle Reports' for the site.  17 posts a month is still quite a bit.  We shall see if this gets accomplished.

3. 50 Points Of Fully Painted Warmachine 'Khador' (COMPLETED)
This one is my highest priority for 2011.  I have a few options for 35 point fully painted lists for 'Khador' at the moment, but with a 50 point fully painted tournament coming up in April, this will be my main objective.  Then we have 'Wrath' coming in June with Privateer Press releasing some real 'warmachines' with larger point models.  I believe this goal can be accomplished.

4. 50 Points Of Fully Painted Warmachine 'Cygnar' (COMPLETED)
See number 4 above, but 'Cygnar' is my son's army.

5. 25 Points Of Fully Painted Warmachine 'Seaforge Commision'
15 points are already completed for my 'Seaforge Commision', all I would like to add is "Brun Cragback & Lug" (only because I love the models) and this should then bring me to 24 points.  I may also paint "Durgen Madhammer" just to have another Warcaster for this army.

6. 25 Points Of Fully Painted Warmachine 'Protectorate of Menoth'
With 15 points already purchased and assembled, and the Warcaster "Kreoss" already painted this goal should hopefully also be met.  'Protectorate' is another army for my oldest son when he wants a change of pace and playstyle from 'Cygnar'

7. 15 Points Of Fully Painted Warmachine 'Cryx'
As for Warmachine goals go for 2011, this one is at the bottom of the list.  Currently I do not own any 'Cryx' models (but I have been eyeing "Iron Lich Asphyxious" at my gaming store).  This goal may be a 'slow build' accomplishment.  If 15 points can be completed in 2011, then 35 will be my goal in 2012 and moved closer to the top of my 'Most Wanted List'.

8. 35 Points Of Fully Painted Hordes 'Trollbloods'
This one is actually quite high on my list for 2011, just after completing 50 points of 'Khador' and 'Cygnar' and one of my hardest to accomplish.  Currently all I own is just a Warlock for the army.  I am hoping to purchase the rest of the models I need for my 35 point list next weekend and then slowly get started on these guys.  I do not have a specific time frame of when I want to finish these guys, just sometime in 2011.  I feel the 'Trollblood' models are just to cool not to paint and I really would like to spend some time on these guys and making them look really good.  As of right now I can see the 'Trollbloods' becoming my main army for Hordes (just for the models).

9. 35 Points Of Fully Painted Hordes 'Skorne'
For Hordes, this one should be easy enough to accomplish.  I had already own 30 points of 'Skorne' models with at least 25 points already painted.  I decided to hand off this army to my son as his Hordes army and last night he already purchased "Molik Karn" so he now has just over 40 points.  I have yet to add any of the 'Skorne' models to this blog, but over the course of the next couple of weeks I'll be adding them to the site.

10. Play Games
I guess that is what this hobby is really all about.  Having fun playing with our 'toy soldiers' on the battlefield.  After having a discussion with my son yesterday, we decided that 2011 will be about Warmachine/Hordes (at least the first half of 2011).  We are going strong in our WM/H League, Privateer Press is set to launch another season of 'Shattered Grounds' starting in February, and 'Wrath' is set to launch in June 2011.  So I can really see us keeping the momentum in WM/H.  Since I own plenty of Warhammer 40K and Warhammer Fantasy armies, we will still try and play these also.  We decided that we will try and play at least 1 game of month from both of these game systems (not including any league/campaigns that we are in).

Honestly, I did not think I would actually have a 'top ten' list, but sure enough I do.  I could have easily kept going on and on with the list, but like I stated I wanted to keep it realistic.  I really feel that I can accomplish everything above in 2011 (as long as 'real work' does not bog me down too much, which this month looks like it will).  The 'Cryx' army I can see possibly sliding off the list (with the time it will take to paint the 'Trollbloods').

You can also see in my above list that I did not include any Warhammer 40K or Warhammer Fantasy armies.  I currently have enough W40K armies to keep me playing.  The only army I started and did not finish in 2010 was my Blood Angels.  If interest re-peaks later in 2011 these guys may see the painting board.  My son also has an Eldar army he can start painting for himself.  For WFB, I have a Lizardmen army that I would also like to complete.  Just like W40K, I may paint a few units in between WM/H if I happen to have a dry spell from WM/H.  Again my son also has a new High Elves army that he will be painting and playing with.

Sadly, Lord of The Rings (LoTR) is completely off my list for 2011.  I only played a few games in 2010 and painted just a couple of models.  The interest is no longer there for me.  With the falling out between my partner and I with 'Gathering in the Desert', the spark for LoTR is just not there.  I obviously will keep my armies and once in a 'blue moon' will throw down a game with my son.

There is not really much time to play every game and get everything I want painted.  So some games have to be sacrificed (LoTR, LoTOW, LoTHS).

Well off to work I go on some 'Khador' and again HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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