January 14, 2011

Daily Chronicle: 1/14/2011 'Trollbloods & Protectorate'

Since I did not have too much time this week to get much painting in, I just wanted to give a quick update on what is on the 'painting table'.

I did manage to fully assemble my 15 points of Trollbloods that I received last week for Orthodox Christmas.  Sunday night I also ordered the MKII cards from Privateer Press for all of these guys and I am hoping that they will arrive today so that tonight I can give these guys a trial run. Really looking forward to giving the Trollbloods a shot.

15 Points of Trollbloods Assembled

Also last night I did start painting a "Classic Crusader" for my son's Protectorate Of Menoth army.  I am hoping to get a little bit more done on him today (really depends if we do head out and get some games in tonight) but I will attempt to have him finished on Saturday morning.

Later today, I will also post another model in the 'Skorne Showcase'.

Other than that, I still have my son's Cygnar "Trencher Cannon Crew" primed and ready to go in the queue.  They will probably be up next once the "Crusader" is finished.


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