January 2, 2020

W40K: Imperial Fists 'Primaris Chaplain I'

With yesterday being New Years Day, the 1st of the New Year, I had to sit down and get something painted, otherwise it would have meant it was going to be a slow year painting.

I sat down in the morning with my 'Primaris Chaplain' for my Imperial Fists and slowly worked on him thorough out the day, no rush, a little bit of TV and a little bit of painting.  Next thing I know, late in the afternoon, my Chaplain is completed.

I have know completed 3 of 4 HQ models for my Imperial Fists (2000 Points) and I still have some Units that need to be completed in time for AdeptiCon, just under 84 days left.

It feels good to get something done right out of the gate.

 Primaris Chaplain I

Primaris Chaplain I

Painting Points: 2


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