January 10, 2020

Battle Report: W40K 1/9/2020 (CA2019 "Ascension")

Last night I finally got in my first game of 2020, took a bit longer than expected, but anyways it was done.  My son and I played just a quick 500 point game of Warhammer 40K on a 3'x3' battlefield to keep the game fast paced.

Since Chapter Approved 2019 has been released in December, we have been making our way through the new Matched Play Missions, and last nights was Mission 3, "Ascension".

Imperial Fists vs Dark Angels

I really thought during this game that my Imperial Fists finally met their match.  The Dark Angels jumped out to a huge 10-0 lead and then the firepower of the Imperial Fists finally kicked in and I was able to eliminate the Dark Angels and move onto the Objectives and securing a 19-10 win for the Imperial Fists.  My son also was able to try a new Forge World turret for his Razorback which was a better option for him in this game compared to a Lascannon or Heavy Bolter.

This was also the first time that I had tried a 'Chaplin' in my army....mixed feelings right now, but my 2 Litanies did help with shooting, just wished I was able to get both of them off each Turn instead my dice were only allowing me one.


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