January 2, 2020

Daily Chronicle: Announced "NOVA Open 2020" September 2nd-September 6th, 2020

Well actually NOVA Open 2020 was announced a couple of weeks ago, but in yesterdays newsletter, the room block for the host hotel Hyatt went up for sale.  After a few technically difficulties between NOVA and Hyatt, later yesterday evening the block for reservations was actually working.

Go to the NOVA Open website and book your room before they sell out.

Before finding out on Facebook about the difficulties, I tried booking a room and it said that no rooms were available (and I thought they were already sold out), so just to be safe I then booked a room across the street at the Marriott.  Once the reservation system was fixed, I then proceeded to book at the Hyatt and cancelled the Marriott.  I prefer staying onsite for these conventions if possible, but the elevators at the Hyatt are really really slow.  Luckily 2 years ago a hotel manager showed us the back door to the staff elevators and this does help going back up to the rooms (but not down).

As I mentioned in yesterdays "What's in store for 2020" my vacation days are limited for 2020 and the ability to attend conventions.  NOVA Open falls on a Holiday weekend, Labor Day, so that gives us Monday to be able to drive the 10 hours back home.  So the plan will be to leave Thursday afternoon after work and drive all night to DC arriving early in the morning.  I will then work Friday from my hotel room while my son plays in an event or just hangs out, and then I will have the weekend to actually play in events.

Seeing how none of the events for NOVA 2020 are posted yet (most likely in March) but going off of last years schedule, I think for 2020 my son will be playing in the Middle-earth SBG GT (Saturday/Sunday) (maybe Guild Ball Friday) and I am going to be signing up for some fun Warhammer 40K Narrative events through out Saturday with the hopes of us both playing in one late Saturday night.  The Narrative events do not take the entire day (different time blocks) so it gives me some time to also look around the convention.  As of now I am not committing to anything on Sunday (till schedule is released) but I may partake in some Guild Ball while I wait for my son to finish MeSBG, we'll see.


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