January 13, 2020

Weekly Chronicle 2020 #2

The second week of 2020 was much better than last week especially for modeling and I was able to at least get in one game.

For modeling, I was able to complete two Units of 'Primaris Intercessors', 1 & 2 and prep work began on Unit #3 for my Imperial Fists army.  I am down to the final 16 models to complete in order to have this army ready for AdeptiCon 2020.

In gaming, one small game of Warhammer 40K was played last Thursday night, just a 500 point game.  The small point games is more to just get in the repetitious of the game and rules and then they do not take all evening long complete.

My goal for this upcoming week is to complete my third Unit of 'Primaris Intercessors' and get in one more game of 40K, getting a game in next weekend will be tough, so we'll have to squeeze in another weeknight game.

If time also allows this week, I would like to assemble about 5 'Termagants' and start testing my color scheme for the Tyranids, it will be my first time with Contrast paints.

Models Completed: 10
Games Played: 1


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