January 3, 2020

W40K: Tyranids Inbound...Again

I had mentioned the other day in my "Whats in store for 2020" post that I want to start a Tyranid army for Warhammer 40K in 2020.  As you can see in the title of today's post, "Again".  Back in 2010 I actually collected/painted a Tyranid army that was complete and later sold, in those days I used to use the "dip" method to finish off my models.  Nowadays Games Workshop has a new paint line called Contrast Paints, and these Tyranid models are calling me to be painted with the new paints.  Besides really liking the look of the "bugs", I think the Contrast Paints are perfect for these type of models, I guess I'll find out.

I am in no rush in getting these models completed, more of year long project (AdeptiCon takes priority), but it will be nice to change it up a bit from painting Space Marines all the time.  The plan is to start small with 1000 points (which I purchased all but 3 models today), get them assembled and start to paint a few of them while at the same time occasionally getting in a game with them.

Since it is only 1000 points to begin with and I wanted some 'Termagants' to paint in my list, I opted not to include a 'Hive Tyrant' (yet) to begin with.  Below is the first 1000 points I will begin with.

+ HQ +

+ Troops +
3x Ripper Swarm
30x Termagants (20x Devourer / 10x Fleshborer)
30x Termagants (20x Devourer / 10x Fleshborer)
+ Elites +
6x Hive Guard

I still need to think of a Hive that I want to play with and after looking over the Codex next week, I'll make a decision, but this will be a good start for the Tyranids, from here I can always expand them easily (6 more Hive Guards and a pair of Carnifexes will get me to 1500).


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