April 18, 2010

W40K: Tyranids Termagant Unit 1; Step by Step

Back on February 16th I had decided on my color scheme for my new Tyranid army.  This weekend I had the time to sit down and start painting my first Termagant unit.  Like my Imperial Guard, I decided to go with a quick paint scheme so I can get these guys out on the table for some play time.  Here is my step by step on what I used to achieve my colors.

Primer: Krylon Camouflage Khaki
Basecoat: GW Astronimican Grey, GW Mechrite Red, GW Bleached Bone

Wash: All the armor with GW Asurmen Blue

Stain: MinWax Antique Walnut
Matte Coat: Testors Dull Coat
I am very please how the unit came out.  I takes me about one-two hours to fully basecoat the models and apply the blue wash.  Then about 15-20 minutes to stain the unit.  I allowed the unit just about an entire day to dry before doing the bases on the.  Then I sprayed Dull Coat once the bases were dry.

Here is a picture of the entire first Termagant unit completed for my Tyranids:
Termagant Unit 1

Painting Points: 10


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