January 1, 2020

What's in store for 2020!

Happy New Year 2020!

It is the first day of 2020, and the day to predict my gaming future for the year.  Each year I always say I am going to try and be reasonable, but somehow things always change.  So once again for 2020, let's try and be reasonable.

Yesterday I posted my "2019 Year in Review" and some of those game will not make the list for this year, so below are my list of games that I think will make it through 2020.

Arena Rex

I need to keep this one on the list for 2020, even though it was a huge MISS in 2019, it still is a nice game to throw down for a quick game.

Painting Goal: 1 model, I purchased 1 model at GenCon 2019 and would like to get it completed.

Gaming Goal: Lowering my expectations quite a bit this year, even though 0 games were played last year on a goal of 20, we are going to shoot for 5 games.

Batman Miniature Game

This one is going to be a tough one for me.  The rules for 3rd Edition were just dropped the day after Christmas electronically on Knight Models (the physical rules/starter box are yet to be shipped).  I like most of the changes they did with 3rd Edition to speed up the game, but they also introduced Objective Cards to be used instead of objectives on the table, and no Victory Points for casualties unless it is on the Objective Card.  So currently I am on wait and see.....waiting to see if the Rulebook and Objective Cards will be sold without the starter box, if they are, we will make the purchase and see how the game goes.

Painting Goal:  This is a tough one for me, I have a huge backlog of BMG models waiting to be assembled/painted.  It is on a hold pattern at the moment till we can see how the game is, interest may pick up if we like the game.

Gaming Goal:  I am going to try 3rd Edition, so it really depends how much we like the game.  If we like it, it will probably be played quite a few times (since I built a lot of buildings in 2019).

DCU Miniature Game

DCU was not on my list last year, and it is now on my list since I do not know the outcome of BMG.  DCU 2nd Edition was released right around time of GenCon 2019, my son and I did not purchase the rulebooks till late November while we were up at the Renegade Open.  We have yet to try the game, but we will.

Painting Goal:  A lot of the DCU models are the same models as BMG, so we have a pretty good collection.  I do have some models that are DCU specific so those may be completed this year.

Gaming Goal:  First we need a test game, so I can say 1 for sure, if I like the speed/ease of play it may hit table more frequently and in place of Arena Rex.  My plan is to get a game in early this month so we can evaluate how we like it.

Guild Ball

Guild Ball was my main priority for at least the beginning half of 2019, the last few months it has taken a back burner.  I can honestly say I love the background, the models, the low count of models to play but I do not think it will be a high priority for 2020.

Painting Goal: I still have quite a few recently released Captains that need to get completed, so I do not see myself painting any complete Guilds for 2020, but at least a handful of models.

Gaming Goal:  As mentioned above, I really like the game....I am going to have a new high priority game for 2020 (see below) so it is tough which game will be my second.  I have a feeling it will be Guild Ball so I will set a reasonable expectation of 20 games played.  Currently I do not have any events lined up for Guild Ball, but there may be a weekend here or there where I may be able to attend one.

Middle-earth SBG

I am going to take a chance a chance and include this one once more for 2020.  As of now I have too many unknown variables with what games will be played that this one may slide in.

Painting Goal: Once again no expectations, if anything gets done, it would be an accomplishment.

Gaming Goal: Keeping my expectations low again like last year, I think at least 1 game in the next few months before AdeptiCon so my son can refresh on the rules, and then we'll see what happens.

Warhammer 40,000

This game was a huge surprise for me late 2019 with my interest in the game resurfacing, I think my son is just as excited for the game as I am.  As of writing this today, Warhammer 40K will be my highest priority game for 2020.  I am signed up for the Friendly and Team Tournaments at AdeptiCon 2020 so I know I will need practice games for that, plus I already see myself looking at other armies like I have years and years ago.

Painting Goal: My #1 goal is to finish what I need for my 1000 points and 1500 point lists for AdeptiCon which is for my Imperial Fists army, long term goal is to get them completed to 2000 points.  My plan with the Imperial Fists is for them to be my "main" Space Marine army with which to add new models too, so the army will be growing.  The collector in me likes to see other armies too, so my plan is to add another Warhammer 40K army in 2020 and for now that will be Tyranids.  The reason for Tyranids is, I like the look of the models and it it something different to paint than just Power Armor.  I believe with the Tyranids I am going to look into the new GW Contrast Paints for them.  Going to start small with them (1000 points) and we'll see.

Gaming Goal:  As stated above, Warhammer 40K will be my highest priority in 2020 but I will be realistic.  I'll be getting in around 8 games just at AdeptiCon, so let's set a goal of 30 games for 2020 (I still have to squeeze in all the other games in too).


Painting Goal: Not Applicable (pre-painted miniatures)

Gaming Goal:  Last year I set a goal of 20 games, and I just managed to squeeze that in.  I think with trying to add in DCU and possibly MeSBG, 20 may be a bit tough.  I do like that the game only takes 75 minutes to play,  I think realistically 6 games would be a good goal (1 every other month).


Well 2020 will not be a good year for events for me.  I am attending AdeptiCon at the end of March, but that is basically it for the year.  My vacation days are very limited in 2020, 3.5 weeks will be spent in Europe over the Summer, and then another week in the Fall with my wife on a cruise.  Any events I attend after AdeptiCon will mainly be just single day events on Saturday/Sundays and those will even be tough this year.  There is a very loooooong shot that we may be able to attend NOVA Open again since its falls on a Holiday weekend, I will need to look at the schedule of events and see if it is worth it.

The list is actually longer than I had intended, there were a few games I purchased last year that did not make the cut along with some others.  We shall see in 364 days on how well I did.

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  1. It is interesting to see so many people getting back into 40K and I am getting out of it. I really just feel burnt out on GW at this time and need a break. See you at Adepticon.