July 1, 2018

WM: Khador Kodiak 1 (Warjack)

What can be better than starting off a new month and painting quarter than with a finished model.  I finally got around to sit down and get some painting completed (along with some gaming) over the last couple of days.  It actually feels good to have another model finished, it has been way too long (April 5, 2018).

For one of my lists for the NOVA Open, I need to complete 2 ‘Kodiak’ Warjacks and a Unit of ‘Battle Mechaniks’, so those models at this moment are my priority.  I have a few different lists that I may want to play, but I also need to complete models for those lists too.  So right now I will start with above and once completed, I can tackle the other lists.

First up on the list, we have ‘Kodiak 1’.

Kodiak 1

Kodiak 1

Painting Points: 5


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