June 29, 2018

Battle Report: WM/H 6/28/2018 Speedmachine (15 Points)

The nice thing about being on vacation for a few days, I am able to get in some gaming and painting.  Yesterday was our day to stay home and get in a few games of Warmachine/Hordes.  The NOVA Open is two months away and I still wanted to get in some practice for “Speedmachine”.  “Speedmachne” is 15 Point armies and played with 3:00 minute turns.  The 3:00 minute turns is really allowing me to learn my army better and play faster, I am hoping this faster play will rollover to when I play the larger 50 and 75 Point practice games.

First up during the day I played my son’s Cygnar army led by ‘Stryker 3’ and I played my Khador with ‘Vlad 1’.  I had a Unit on a scoring zone collecting points for me while the rest of my army was battling out, my son had nothing he could contest with until late in the game, by that time one of my ‘Juggernauts’ was able to Assassinate ‘Stryker 3’.  If I did not Assassinate ‘Stryker 3’, I would have one the game on Points that turn.

Later in the evening my Trollbloods friend TJ came out for a some practice games.  First up he played my Khador army and I was playing the same list as earlier in the day.  TJ elected to give ‘Borka 2’ a try.  This was a hard fought battle, ‘Borka 2’s’ Feat really dampened my plans, but I managed to stay in the game.  We battled it out all the way till the end of Turn 7 and I barely lost 2-1.

After my son played a game against TJ’s same list (and my son also lost), I played TJ again and he went with ‘Borka 1’ and a ‘Mountain King’.  I played the same list as earlier, but I swapped out ‘Vlad 1’ with ‘Butcher 1’.  We ended up going to Turn 4 and the score was 0-0 at this point.  TJ elected to charge into ‘Butcher 1’ and failed to hit on his Charge attack, ‘Butcher 1’ was camping 3 Focus and he managed to stay alive with 5 boxes.  ‘Butcher 1’ then popped his Feat and charge back at ‘Borka 1’, able to do so with his 2” reach and I was able to Assassinate ‘Borka 1’.  That was my first Assassination ever against TJ.

I am still undecided between playing ‘Vlad 1’ and ‘Butcher 1’, I still have 2 months to think about it before the NOVA Open.  I like ‘Vlad 1’ for his “Signs & Portents” spell, but ‘Butcher 1’ is a lot better in combat.

Besides getting in some gaming yesterday, I was also able to start on my ‘Kodiak’ Warjacks for my Khador army.  I need these two Warjacks for my 75 Point list for the NOVA Open Team Tournament.  I have only played with ‘Kodiak’s once before, so I know I will need a lot of practice with them.  I should be getting them done sometime later today or tomorrow.  More than likely they will be posted next week for the month of July.


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