July 17, 2018

Guild Ball: Season 4 Sneak Peak Part 1

Awhile back Steamforged Games announced that Season 4 for Guild Ball will be released in October during SteamCon US.  Unfortunately due to vacation plans already with my wife the weekend before, my son and I will not be attending this years SteamCon US.  In all honestly, even though I really wanted to, I just not have played that many games of Guild Ball this year.  I think once I knew I could not attend SteamCon and that Season 4 will also be released at that point, I went into a “let’s wait for Season 4” mode.  So that is where I am at today, I have not painted anything recently for Guild Ball, but I have been picking up the Minor Guilds as they are being released, and probably will continue to do so through out the year.

Back to Season 4, today Steamforged Games announced some of the changes for the upcoming Season 4.  Personally, I like the changes that were released today.  For a full read on their blog, click HERE, otherwise here is a brief rundown.

1.  They cleaned up some of the wording on the cards so that it is easier to understand, here is an example using Close Control

Season 3 wording

Season 4 wording

2. Measuring used to be done from the center of the ball or to the center of an AOE.  Now measuring will be “within”.  By changing the wording, they also reduced the range of almost all the AOE plays and traits by 2”.

Season 3 measuring AOE

Season 4 measuring AOE

3. Passing the ball will now also be a little bit easier.  In season 3 they made a rule called “Tap in”, that would reduce the TN of your shot on goal from 4+ to 3+ if you were within 4” to score a goal.  They now changed it that any kicking (shots or passes) if you are within half range of the kicking model it will reduce the TN by 1.  I really like this change and it makes it very consistent through out the game.

4. Earning Momentum on Turn 1 has also changed.  The kicking team now will start the game with 1 Momentum.  The idea behind this one is to make both sides play a bit more aggressive during Turn 1 instead of standoff-ish.

That is all they released for today...as of now, I am liking the above changes.


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