July 30, 2018

Weekly Chronicle 2018 #30

I am now one month away till I leave for the NOVA Open and I am getting a little bit excited.  I have heard good things about the NOVA Open before, but never have attended.  I am curious how it stakes up to AdeptiCon and Las Vegas Open.  I am little disappointed that I drop out of Guild Ball for the Friday event, but I did that since I really did not play much this year and it will now leave me an open day to enjoy the vendor hall and the rest of the Con.  When I attended these conventions, I try and give myself a little downtime to enjoy the scenario and not event after event and get burned out.

I am just about ‘set’ on the lists I will be taking with me, and all my models are fully painted at this point.  I did not get to finish 2 models yet that I was thinking about for 1 of my lists.  I still may get to those models in August (I hope I do), but I doubt they will be in my lists since I would not have had any play time with them.  I am still finalizing my list for the 15 Point “Speedmachine” and I have it down between 2 Warcasters.  I plan on testing one tonight or tomorrow night and then I should have my decision.  I also changed my decision on the Warcaster I am going to use in the 50 Point “Breakfastmachin”, I decided I am going to go with “Harkevich”.  I have played him before, but I am still planning on getting at least one or two more games in this month with him.  I am going to NOVA Open to have fun, so that is what I plan on doing and will then play 3 different Warcasters in my three events.

So for this past week...once again nothing was completed model wise, and I did manage to get in a 50 Point game of Warmachine/Hordes in yesterday with my first time trying ‘Karchev’ (he is the Warcaster I want to try in my 15 Point list before I make my final decision).

Models Completed: 0

Games Played: 1


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